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Industrial energy efficien cy and energy saving systems

About the company

IEST is a rapidly growing company based in Togliatti. Our team includes highly qualified specialists for whom achieving maximum result s is their goal.

Our technical expertise enables us to address issues with our clients' electrical system s. Our experience with and in-depth knowledge of various technologies allows for the development and implementation of customer projects promptly and with a high degree of design for manufacturability, reliability and cost-effectiveness.
Our partners
Zhiguli Valley
The Zhiguli Valley Technopark is a unique environment for the development of high-tech companies and innovative projects. The "IEST" company became a resident of the technopark in September 2021.
IEST partners
"IEST" specialists use modern technologies and work with a number of reputable domestic manufacturers.
Company business lines
We incorporate high efficiency energy-saving electrical equipment for asynchronous systemsinto the energy systems of industrial enterprises . Our equipment is manufactured using unique, patented technolog ies.
Current and voltage integrator (CVI) - information
Detailed information on our CVI, how it functions and application scenarios
Testing of CVI at production facilities

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