Current and voltage integrator (CVI)

We developed the current and voltage integrator based on the principles of voltage resonance. The design and materials used for the manufacture of the integrator represent a fundamental reimagining of previous CVI systems.
CVI application
The integrator will compensate for local electrical distortions, reduce or eliminate potentially harmful current / voltage spikes, and convert this energy into additional active power. The integrator ensure the maintenance of discharge power in the event of an instantaneous sinewave failure (irregular sinewave s occur when the load changes in the inductive consumer's power network) and combine s smoothing, integration , and damping functions of charging current pulses and capacitor discharge when the mains voltage due to non-linear changes in load currents caused by changes in the inductive power consumer's energy demand.
Reactive energy compensation
Compensation of reactive energy to a value close to zero, maintaining consistent power cos φ ≈ 0.99 – 1

Decrease in starting and operating currents
Reduction of starting and operating currents of all network elements: power cables, motor windings , and the main transformer
Damping of starting currents
Damping of starting currents up to the full spin of the electric motor
Reduction in operating temperatures
Reduction in operating temperatures of electrical conductors and devices
Increase in dynamic efficiency
Increase d dynamic efficiency of electrical
Reduced power consumption up to 40%
Reduced power consumption up to 40% /optimi zation of equipment operation
Higher harmonic absorption
Higher harmonic absorption and acoustic noise suppression
Vibration reduction
Reduction in the vibration of electric motors as a function of the gyroscopic moment of the rotor during voltage fluctuations
Increase in equipment service life
Increase d service life, safety , and reliability of equipment
Specific current density reduction
Decrease of specific current density in networks / reduction of network losses
Increased safety
Improvement s in fire and electrical safety
CVI characteristics
(how we outperform the competition)
Reactive power reduction
up to 100%
Active power reduction
up to 40%
Response time under
0.001 seconds
Tg losses
Reduction in device operating temperatures of up to 90%
Higher harmonic reduction
up to 100%

Comparison table
Competitive product comparison chart
* declared, taking into account the use of additional filters, excluding harmonics
CVI testing at production facilities
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