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Questionnaire regarding the installation of CVI
on direct induction motors
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1. The number of electrical motors at the facility
2. Complete data from motor nameplate:
2.1. Voltage (kV)
2.2. Power, (kWt)
2.3. Cos
2.4. Ability to measure power factor with load
2.5. Ability to measure power factor without load (idle)
2.6. Motor speed
2.7. Motor production year
3. Information about the functions of the equipment on which the induction motor is installed (drive of the pump, fan, machine, conveyor, etc.)
4. The frequency of start-up and the duration of work per day (hours) and the cyclicality of the start-up
4.1. The presence of aggressive media at the place of installation of the CVI (moisture, gases, acid, dust, vibration, impacts, etc.)
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14/1 Severnaya street, office 4, Togliatti, Samara region
+7 (846) 277-00-99
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